Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro


I woke up in the morning and realized today I had to do different and no ordinary tasks. The thing was it’s the first day of the year 2021, but if you are on the job it’s you have a job. The task was to arrange and specify the data that existed and nobody had any idea what it was. So I decided to manage them all.


So the basic target was set , now I had to act and meet my challenge, I decided to make sections and allot a specific time to each of them. First of all I took the data which was totally un arranged and raw, made them into documents. The formula was to make their data filed up so no loss can occur. The documentation was done along with their claims and Service sales representatives (SSRs), as well as their ledgers monthly wise.


Although this was a very tough and challenging task so I decided to manage my time effectively. Simply by sorting out monthly purchases and claims which had been in a raw form. By focusing on my work and dedicating my time, focus, and my skillset towards it was the reason that I had completed it in the given time. Ever since the beginning, I knew which skillset to be used in which area, and when you know that, your task becomes as easy as tough it was. Management of your work is basically using your creative mind to distribute it in chunks, parts and then start working on it using your skillset as I used in mine.


With this task, things are super easy now as one doesn’t need to have to go and look for a file in “drive D” named “ ABC” with incomplete data and look for the other part in “drive C”, but now each and every file is compiled and super easy to look monthly ledger wise and SSRs. You need to enter a sale representative or what claim the customer has made in the search bar, and boom the file along with the history is there.